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Zund America’s Digital Finishing Systems for Large-Format Workflow

Automated digital finishing for large format

By continuously broadening our collaboration with reliable vendor partners, Screen (USA) offers integrated solutions that increase our customers’ productivity, quality and profitability. No one knows better than Zund America that automated digital finishing ensures highly productive and cost-effective workflows for digitally printed packaging POP displays and signs.

Zund America’s Digital Finishing Systems combine the new G3 Series, which eliminates the bottlenecks in your finishing department by automating all cutting/trimming functions. Manual cutting, with all inherent costs, potential for mistakes, and lack of efficiency, is reduced to an absolute minimum. With optimized workflow, G3 further boosts productivity.

With its focus on innovation, Zünd has for decades been a driving force behind the astounding developments and growth in the graphics industry.

The “simple” vinyl cutter/plotter of the past has evolved into a sophisticated, multifunctional digital cutting system capable of accurately matching cut to print while automatically processing a multitude of flexible and rigid substrates.

The modularity of our digital cutting system guarantees that Zünd customers can continually benefit from the latest advances and keep their equipment “state-of-the-art”, in the short and long term. Various material handling options assure maximum efficiency and make it possible, for example, to trim 400 A1 size panels in just one hour.

Touch&Cut Vision software is the perfect link between your favorite design software and multifunctional Zünd cutters--intuitive, easy to use, and touch-screen based.

With an integrated, digital print and cut workflow, setting up a job for the Zünd cutter becomes as simple as scanning a barcode and selecting the appropriate cut profile for the material that needs to be processed. Cut files can be manually generated using your preferred design software (Illustrator®, CorelDRAW®, AutoCAD®, DesktopCAD®, etc.); however, Touch&Cut Vision is also fully compatible with cut data generated automatically by Prepare-it or RIP workflows from Caldera, Onyx, Colorburst, and others. Cut files are easily retrieved with a handheld barcode reader, reducing set-up time and eliminating any doubts whether the selected file is the correct one for the job at hand.

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