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Advanced Screening Technology

AM screening

For flexo and letterpress printing

AM screening, the form of screening used most commonly in the printing industry today, involves creating halftone dots separated by a fixed distance and arranged in a regular pattern. Varying the size of the halftone dots creates areas of higher and lower color density. AM screening results in a highly consistent color appearance, and is easy to print.

Flexo Dot Hi-Res Hybrid Screening

Flexo printing

Flexo Dot Hi-Res Hybrid Screening, Screen’s third-generation hybrid screening method, unlocks the true power of 4,800 dpi resolution printing. Designed specifically for flexo, letterpress and packaging applications, Flexo Dot applies a reinforcing pattern to the base halftone dot. This results in the creation of more consistent relief patterns in the highlight areas. The minimum dot shape can be selected for each screen ruling, depending upon the plate thickness, platemaking and printing environments, to ensure optimum quality. Screen dots made of more pixels print more cleanly, giving stable midtones without tonal jumps. At 23,040 million pixels of data per dot, Flexo Dot offers the highest resolution available in the industry.

Letterpress printing

With traditional AM halftone dots, the reproduction of extreme highlights is inconsistent. In traditional halftone dots, the minimum halftone dot size is one dot. But, with Flexo Dot, highlight areas feature a somewhat larger minimum halftone dot size consisting of several dots which makes it possible to create consistent dots in the extreme highlight areas. The minimum halftone dot shape can be selected from a lineup of shapes for each screen ruling, depending on the platemaking and printing environments, to ensure optimal highlight printing.

Spekta 2

Offset and letterpress printing

Spekta 2 is a next-generation form of hybrid AM/FM screening that is designed to make printing easier. Not only does it solve the problems of moiré and broken lines that sometimes occur when AM screening is used, it also increases the vibrancy of the colors being printed. Spekta 2 makes added-value label printing a reality.

Multi-Screening (Option)

Multi-Screening makes it possible to use the optimal type of screening for each object being printed, even if that means mixing different types of screening on a single page. This is particularly useful when printing pages that contain such disparate elements as images, text, keylines, patterned backgrounds, tints, decorative lines, outlined text and gradations. Multi-Screening prevents moiré and broken lines, and contributes to a significant increase in finished quality.

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